Reading Skills

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Reading Skills

Reading Skills

Improving a child’s reading skills benefits their learning, language skills, and creativity. Oksana DerDerian, MS, CCC-SLP, and the team understand how hard it is for some children to read and offer reading skills at Desert Speech LLC in Rancho Mirage, California. They work with students of all ages and abilities, including those with dyslexia. Call Desert Speech LLC or schedule a reading skills appointment online today.

Reading Skills Q & A

I know reading is important. How can reading skills help my child?

Reading benefits your child throughout their entire life. In addition to helping them learn, reading skills also:

  • Improve overall comprehension of ideas
  • Expand vocabulary
  • Strengthen writing abilities
  • Reduce anxiety
  • Enhance imagination
  • Strengthen the child-caregiver bond
  • Promote better sleep

Reading out loud to your child during early childhood language development activates areas of the brain that helps them better understand the meaning of language.


Who benefits from professional help with reading skills?

If you're concerned about your child’s reading abilities, seek professional help. The earlier you get your child help, the sooner they’ll catch up.

Many children with speech and language delays struggle with reading and reading comprehension. The Desert Speech LLC team has advanced training in assessing and treating children with reading disorders like:


Dyslexia affects a person’s ability to recognize words. Children with dyslexia have a hard time reading and spelling.


Reading comprehension deficit

A reading comprehension deficit affects a child’s ability to understand what they read. They could have difficulty learning words, making it almost impossible to understand the meaning of the words that make up a sentence.



Dysgraphia affects the writing process. When people with dysgraphia write, their words or sentences look distorted or are incorrect.

If your child needs to catch up in their reading and writing abilities, they can benefit from reading skills help from the Desert Speech LLC team.


What can I expect during therapy for reading skills?

The Desert Speech LLC team takes a personalized approach to therapy. They first complete a thorough assessment to understand your child’s reading ability and the underlying disorder making it difficult for them to read.

They create a plan and discuss the specifics with you. Reading skills therapy can include:

  • Recognizing and manipulating sounds in words (phonological awareness)
  • A phonics-based reading program (using phonological awareness to read)
  • A reading comprehension program (reading and discussing)

Desert Speech LLC offers reading skills programs to students of all ages and backgrounds. They also have a summer reading program.

The goal of reading skills therapy at Desert Speech LLC is to help your child develop a lifelong love of books and reading. Call the office or schedule an appointment online today to learn more.