Social Skills

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Social Skills

Social Skills

Language difficulties affect social skills like playing, conversing, and problem-solving. At Desert Speech LLC in Rancho Mirage, California, Oksana DerDerian, MS, CCC-SLP, and the team provide social skills therapy to help those experiencing these communication challenges. The highly skilled speech-language pathologists take an integrative and holistic approach, combining evidence-based therapy with personal family values and goals. Call Desert Speech LLC or schedule your social skills consultation online today.

Social Skills Q & A

What should I know about social skills?

Your social skills affect how you interact with others. It includes verbal and nonverbal communication. Your social skills affect personal and professional relationships and your overall sense of well-being (confidence and self-esteem).

You learn social skills directly and indirectly from those around you. Some people are better at picking up on social cues than others. However, anyone can learn social skills to improve their interactions with people.


What is the connection between language and social skills?

Language plays a significant role in your social skills. It includes your verbal and nonverbal communication, what’s called pragmatic language. Examples of pragmatic language include:

  • Having back-and-forth conversations
  • Making eye contact while talking
  • Asking for and giving appropriate information
  • Discussing a topic from start to finish
  • Adjusting your language to fit the situation
  • Using humor when appropriate
  • Not repeating the same information
  • Using proper intonation
  • Understanding personal space

A sign that you need help understanding pragmatic language is that you have difficulty communicating with others. This can affect friendships, career advancement, and self-confidence.


Who can benefit from social skills therapy?

Anyone struggling with social skills benefits from therapy at Desert Speech LLC. The speech-language pathologists have advanced training in language and communication skills for people of all ages. The therapy they provide improves social skills in many areas, including school, home, and work.

If you or your child has difficulty communicating verbally or nonverbally with others, social skills therapy with the highly skilled Desert Speech LLC team can help.


What can I expect from social skills therapy?

You can expect personalized and professional social skills therapy from the Desert Speech LLC team. Their teaching process uses peer-reviewed research and client family values to foster the development of:

  • Social self-awareness (recognizing and understanding other’s feelings)
  • Social-emotional understanding (reading emotions)
  • Perspective-taking (understanding a situation)
  • Self-regulation (understanding and managing your own behavior)
  • Executive functioning (ability to plan and organize thoughts)
  • Organization systems
  • Reading comprehension
  • Written expression

They offer individual and group therapy sessions to help you develop social thinking and related social skills. They also work with you to develop ideas that use these skills in your daily social settings.

Social skills are learned and something you can improve with the right support. Call Desert Speech LLC today or schedule an appointment online to learn more about social skills therapy.